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Why Healing Wounds Exist?

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We provide group counseling around issues of Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse. We are committed to helping you grow within yourself and becoming a stronger and better you. Our goal is to help you see yourself as being a whole person through supportive group counseling and mentorship. 

We provide training and technical assistance around multiple issues which are not limited to but includes, intimate partner violence, sexual abuse and child sexual abuse. We are dedicated to educating the world around us in order to bring about more awareness in regards to these topics in order to one day bring an end to these horrible crimes. 

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Healing Wounds is a 501(c)3 organization that came about out of my pain and as the CEO I would like to welcome you.

 Healing Wounds envisions creating a world where healing is inspired, and hope is instilled.

Why was Healing Wounds created?

At 8 years old I was raped by a family member and therefore died inwardly. This trauma was placed upon me on multiple occasion until the age of 15. Every time was as if it was the first time. Every rape, every touch, every whisper that was made in my ear of threats, and plain ole decent, steals rings in me today never to be forgotten. But thankfully because of my faith I was able to forgive and build a greater self-worth.

So, because of my trauma and the healing that I experienced throughout my 46 years of life, I wanted to do something meaningful and purposeful. Therefore, Healing Wounds was created to provide a service that would help to bring awareness, counsel and a sense of healing to others around the issues of Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness and Human Trafficking.

Thank you!

Tamu Lane, CEO of Healing Wounds 

w/ The Justin Trio